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From: Robin (
Sun Sep 24 17:12:49 2000

I am feeling like that more and more days. My pain has been the worst yet this month. I was more active over labor day weekend with a family reunion that I had planned for my husband family & then traveling for 5 hours for a Dr appointment & the 5 hours back. Then I got sick & the coughing. I also have our county fair next week. We stay in our camper at the fair grounds so that the kids can be there to keep an eye on their animals. We will be there Wed through Sunday & then I have another 10hour round trip to the dr again. The traveling really kills me. Just the vibration in the car causes extra pain. More days than not, I just dont want to keep going day after day. Recently we have lost 2 family friends both age 47 and I envy them, being out of pain. My meds have been increased but I am still in so much pain. The pain is waking me up during the night, so I am not sleeping well either. I hardly do anything around the house any more except for the laundry. I got a basket that has wheels on it to help me. But this week, I wasnt even up to that. I used to have only one really bad day a week, where I spent most of the day in bed, but I have been in bed 4 days the past week. Last June-Sept was the last time I was pain free. Some days, it is just too much to handle. Robin

At Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Kathy L. wrote: >
>I can understand how someone could get to that point. Chronic pain and
>doctor's doubting you is a hard way to live. Without the support of
>friends, family, physicians, and support groups(like this one), I think
>people feel hopeless and helpless. I am seeing a counselor to help with
>those feelings.
>I wonder if the doctor who did that woman's autopsy saw adhesions. Maybe
>he just didn't think that would be a source of pain like so many other
>doctors think. With multiple surgeries I don't see how she couldn't
>have adhesions.
>Thanks everybody for your information and insight. And Welcome to
>At Sat, 23 Sep 2000, Helen Dynda wrote:
>>The Url ( shown below ) is the correct Url for the 3rd web site for:
>>Beverly's message...and for Karla's reply to Beverly's message:
>>"May their memory be a testament to the seriousness of Adhesion Related
>>[] NOTE: You may have to enter the above Url on the address-line of your
>>computer monitor ( screen ). If so, make sure that the final part of
>>the Url is: /wantzautopsy.html
>In Friendship,
>Kathy L.

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