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Sun Sep 24 23:23:23 2000


I am on 125mgs of the fentanyl patch. I have no problems with them...but obviously had to gradually be worked up to what I am on now.

What you need to do is get a copy of all of your surgical reports and then have them reviewed. Let us know once you get them. There are people on this list who do these things and then forward them on to Drs. R & R.

I do not mean to be rude or anything, but you really need to get over all of your fears about having this test or that test or having surgery. If I was a doctor I probably would be afraid to treat you too......just because you don't seem to follow through when they order tests and such. Your situation is painful....I have no doubt about it. But until you are willing to allow someone to do something about it nothing is going to change....other then your condition will probably worsen. I really do understand your fears....I do, but its time to either poop or get off the pot if you know what I mean! If you don't do something you are going to end up dying! Do you want to spend all of your life being afraid only to end up dying anyway? Or, do you want to take care of it and get on with your life....enjoying your family and activities that you can't do right now.

Once again.....I apologize for being so abrupt. I just don't want to see anyone die when help is available. I have been a participant on this list for almost a year now and you were there when I got here. I know that you have had several family members die because of bowel problems.....but do you know what? That was then......there have been so many advances in medicine since then, among other things the acknowledgement that adhesions are a problem. When I had my bladder problems in the early 90's they wouldn't have had to do anything other than remove my adhesions......if they would've known. But now, if you go to the appropriate doctor, they can correct so many problems with the proper removal of adhesions. We are all here to learn and to educate others as well. I assume that you know that adhesions can cause the problems you are having.....and if you find a doctor that can properly deal with them you can go on with your life the way it was before you got sick. If you don't do anything.....well..........................

God Bless You! Karla

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> Being out of the city the drs are in, how do you know if they feel they
> can help you? I do not think there is a dr in cinti, that is willy to
> really listen to me. Most of the general surgeons here, told my gyn
> they do not want to touch me. You get real gun shy of drs when they say
> this kind of thing to you. I am having so much pain, and still have not
> tried the fentynal patch, I am so afraid of withdrawing from all the
> meds, and I know I have to try this before I see the pain clinic on the
> tenth of october.
> Has any of you had relief from the patch, she prescribed 25 mgs for me.
> Are they safe?
> Toni

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