a little bit frustrated

From: Karla (ifirgit@webcntrl.com)
Mon Sep 25 17:29:21 2000

I find myself a little bit frustrated......actually a lot frustrated! As you know I have been traveling back and forth to Chicago....trying to get everything set up so that I might have my surgery. I now have a plastic reconstructive surgeon, a reconstructive urologist, a general surgeon, a cardiologist, a pulmonologist, an internist, a pain specialist, a ent physician and some special anesthesiologists (am I forgetting anyone?). I have had to meet with each and everyone of them. I spoke with the nurse that has been coordinating all of this and she told me that they have been having group meetings about me...she says I have become quite the celebrity! I tried to ask her some questions.....like how often I would have to travel to Oshkosh to see the reconstructive plastic surgeon (this is another doctor all together) who will do the adjusting of the expanders they will be installing in my abdomen. She has no idea. I asked her if she had any idea when I would be scheduled for surgery...again she has no idea. I talked to her about that because my daughter will be having her baby soon....she is due in late October early November....but who knows with that. She told me I shouldn't worry because she was sure that I would not be having my surgery before then. I asked her if she thought I would be having it before Christmas and she said yes. I am just so frustrated. I have things to do...places to go....people to see. And don't forget that I have PAIN and I leak all the time!!!! I have been in need of surgery for over a year now and yet here I sit. I understand that they want to make sure I don't have cardiac or respiratory arrest again. But I can't handle it! I give up!

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