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From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Mon Sep 25 18:37:09 2000

Dearest Chrissy & Teri..

My sympathies are with both of you!

This type of violation of doing hysterectomy's happen far to often to those women who suffer from adhesion pain, ..surgeons like this start to remove totally healthy organs as they try to figure out where the pain the patient complains about comes from....the key word here is, " TRY " to figure out ..not firmly diagnose, but TRY to figure out!! In the mean time....women are sterilized unnecessarily! This same thing happened to a 32 year old women right here in our town, and the OB/GYN called her a " whinning vagina " because he said all she does is whine about her vagina!! Yes, he is still here practicing..PRACTICING I might add strongly as he sure isn't experienced is he!! This type of thing would never happen to a mentally challenged women in an institution..not at all...but women who go seeking the services of a " supposedly" high quality surgeon in their attempt to find medical intervention for their symptoms of pain...are sterilized after all diagnostic test result in negative findings for " abnormal " pathology!! There are far to many " supposedly " skilled surgeons who know all about ARD, but will do anything, including lying, unnecesary surgeries and surgeries for money verses the patients needs! Then they go in for the all to often diagnostic laporoscopic surgery, that in and of itself is good, but NOT when the surgeon takes it upon themselves to go ahead and start to lyse ( cut ) through adhesions if they find them in the abdominal cavity without FIRST addressing this medical condition with the patient following the, " diagnostic, look and find " procedure. Isn't that why it is called a " diagnostic " procedure, not a " lets go in and just do what we want before we discuss it with this bird brain as we are the surgeon" procedure!!! PLEASE, if you who suffer chronic pain and are seeing a surgeon for the final" diagnostic " procedure to be scheduled....insist they do nothing until they have discussed all clinical findings with you and if they say they saw NO reason for your pain and all they encountered were adhesion...RUN FOR THE DOOR, hospital gown and all ( You might get picked up for indecent exposure, but a night in the can is still better then having a surgery with that surgeon!!!!!

And who gave permission to any surgeon who does go ahead and performs an adhesiolysis when all they said they would do is go in to perform a diagnostic procedure? And isn't it neccesary to perform diagnostic tests prior to performing a hysterectomy, isn't it protocal to at least perform a diagnostic laporoscopic procedure and take biopsies of tissue prior to performing a hysterectomy? What about an ultra sound to determine the endometrial lining thickness, or other abnormal changes of the uterus...and on and on...

You continue to present with pain, again all diagnostic testing is negative, without so much as a pause, if your seeing an OB/GYN of this low caliber, then the next step will be a hysterectomy as the only cause of that chronic pain MUST be the female organs...even if adhesions had been found in the previous surgery...makes one wonder why a surgeon would even lyse the adhesions if they didn't think they could cause pain, and if they lysed the adhesions because they thought they caused pain, then why would a women need a hysterectomy when they present again with pain similar or the same as the previous time, might that pain be caused by..ta da...adhesions???? And if a surgeon knew adhesions caused pain, then they sure know that the adhesions will come back following the adhesiolysis...what is wrong with this picture??

Well, you go to a shoe salesman when your looking for shoes, right? You expect that shoe salesman to sell you a pair of shoes, that's why you went to the shoe would be offended if he didn't want to sell you shoes!

So, you have pain, and you go to a surgeon who does this sort of thing to women...what do you expect them to offer you as a recourse to your pain and suffering..and OB/GYNS are surgeons. That in and of itself is a good thing...BUT most of the surgeons we will ever visit for our chronic pain are not skilled or knowledgable in dealing with adhesions. And this is especially true of people who go to a surgeon who is NOT skilled in dealing with ARD with the full knowledge that they in fact do have a history of adhesions....what do you expect them to offer Of courses it will be surgery, and it will either be a diagnostic procedure, adhesiolysis or hysterectomy....and once they have done all that to you...and they do know that your adhesions will return even worse, and do not let a surgeon tell you that they don't know or understand about adhesions, they ALL DO understand adhesions...once they have removed your gall bladder, your appendix, your ovaries and tubes, your uterus, your cervix, part of your bowel, in some cases your urinary bladder.... when all this is said and done, and they offer to do another diagnostic laporoscopic in an attempt to find the cause of that still lingering pain...and they have to lyse through a few hundred adhesions as they are looking for the, " cause " of that ever present pain...if they still don't get it, they are either the most dense human beings ever to walk the face of this earth or they are the lowest form of human being to walk on the face of this earth as they are doing it for the money !!!

Once this final surgery is done, and your just about as empty as one can be unless your a male, then they send you to the psychologist, and you are started on the Dr. to Dr. game, but at least that surgeon is all done with you as he /she can't help you any more then they have! Nice of them for helping, huh!!

What has been done to you and Teri continues to happen all the time to adhesion sufferers, no valid pathology for the hysterectomy, you still present with pain, and then the door is shut in your face. If anyone thinks for one second what I am saying is not true, then think about this for a minute: If we who suffer with adhesion pain can understand that after we have a surgery, our symptoms get worse, and when all diagnostic testing produces no results for the cause of our pain, and we have an adhesiolysis, and some of us feel relief from it, then it gets worse, and we go through it again and again, and all the organ removal promises of relief from pain don't work, ..if WE can figure it out, why can't the surgeon? Are we of greater intelligence? Did WE study medicine to know this? And when some of us get to the most skilled surgeons in the world for the highest quality adhesiolysis existing today and actually most get well following that procedure, what did they do that the others didn' the time I got to Dr. Reich I had so few organs left the in no way could he, nor would he, find something other to blame for my suffering and pain, but what WAS there..and it was adhesions!!

Shame on you surgeons who perform unnecessary hysterectomies on unsuspecting women..shame on all of you!! Teri, Chrissy and all of you who have experienced this tragedy...GOD will pin these surgeons on what they did to you and if they did this to you, they did it to many other women as well...and they will pay for it.

Zoe, go to Dr. Reich, make your insurance company pay for his care, and even better yet...make your surgeon pay fornit as adhesions for the most part come from pit negligence of unskilled and lazy surgeons who won't clean up the abdominal cavity after themselves! Slob surgeons are the cause of post surgical adhesions!!

Ladies, if your suffering from undiagnosable chronic pelvic and /or abdominal pain, and hysterectomy is being considered..PLEASE tell the OB?GYN that you will in fact be securing a copy of the pathology reports following the procedure and it had better show that you in deed needed that hysterectomy and that adhesions were not found during the surgey!! You tell them that..and mark my words...YOU WILL NOT HAVE AN UNNECESSARY HYSTERECTOMY by that surgeon!!!!!!

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> Zoe I am right there with Terri. Don't give up on having children. I too
> had a complete hysterectomy 4 years ago (I'm 36) and have no children. I
> found out that the hysterectomy was really not called for and should not have
> been done. My dreams of physically having children came to an abrupt end. I
> know that there is adoption out there - tried it and failed because I would
> not "purchase" a child......but there is something about trying to have a
> child the normal way that I will always mourn. Please don't give up......
> With Love,
> ~Chrissie Damon

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