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Tue Sep 26 13:40:00 2000

At Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Pam Markford wrote: >
>Dear ‘Mee’,
>I am feeling for you and your suffering. You see it was not that long
>ago that I was in horrible pain! I was on so many different medications,
>from Darvocet, Percocet, Duragesic Patch, to Neurotin, to try to make
>the pain “bearable.” Pain took over my life. I lost my job as a nurse
>and was loosing my fight for a normal life.
>June 26th of this year the Drs. R & R did my surgery, the 12th I think,
>for adhesions. You see I had been through every “Local Specialist”
>until my Gyn Dr. stated “you are beyond my expertise Pam.” Through this
>website and his recommendation we found Dr. Reich and Redan, “The Best
>at this.” My surgery has given me back so many things! I start each day
>by thanking God for the skill and compassion of Drs. R & R.
>I would also like to answer a question you had regarding “Why do we not
>hear from the adhesion members after their surgeries?” I am speaking for
>myself when I state that I feel the message board is especially there
>for those who are suffering, seeking, and looking for support. I use a
>lot of direct e-mail contact to let any member know about my experience
>with Drs. R & R and how my life is soaring since. I still talk
>regularly with other patients that went through the surgery the same
>time I did, as we all became our support prior to the day of surgery.
>Please realize that I am not trying to say that I am above others and do
>not need the support of others. My name and e-mail is included in the
>introduction letter from Helen Dynda and the Society. I realize that we
>will always be ARD suffers and that his is a disease without a ‘cure’
>for now. I keep in mind though that with support and sharing we will
>get changes made so that insurance companies and other medical personnel
>will realize that adhesions do cause many problems, pain being the
>number one on the list.
>Fell free to write me at any time with that I can do to help you in
>anyway. Remember that you are never alone ‘Mee’ and many of us are
>praying for you.
> In Loving Friendship,
> Pam
>In Friendship, Pam Markford

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