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Tue Sep 26 18:52:45 2000

Dear Linda...

If you go to the IAS Adhesion Quilt you will see karlas story. Karla, unlike many who suffer from ARD has no choice in this matter at this time. Karla would rather she have no surgery BUT what she might have with Dr. reich...but she cannot go to him at all for a long while.

Karla is a very ill young lady who is suffering greatly with what we are trying to spare others from...having adhesiolysis surgeries performed by unskilled surgeona. Karla is a victim of just that thing! She had trusted, and trusted her surgeon to help her recover from her chronic abdominal pain, and like many of us, she underwnet surgery after surgery, never understanding just what it was all about! There were no support groups, this diesease was stil very hushed up, no one explained anything to her..and who wouldn't trust your surgeon to help you!!

Karla was no different then the rest of us...until the surgery that hse went through to help her find pain relief, left her without organ after organ, a hysterectomy, a cholectomy ( gall bladder ) and then...her urinary bladder!! Now.26 laporotomies ( open surgeries ) later, Karla no longer has a rectus muscle ( the abdominal muscle or stomach muscle ) , thats right, she has herniated so many times htat right now, she suffers froma hernia the size of a football that has her intestines pushing not only against the skin of her abdoman, but actually trying to push their way THROUGH the stoma ( opening that she urinates through into a bag attached to her side ) Karlas intestines are actually resting agaist her skin, her adhesions have kinked her uterers ( the tubes that run from her kidneys to her stoma ) and she is in constant sepsis or infections throughout her system. Talk about pain levels...

I share this as karla has okayed that i share her story...Karla is waiting on a very long difficult surgey to rebiuld her an abdominal muscle, a synthetic tissue will be used, but for now, there are still many things to work out for her..and it IS a long tough fight each and everyday for her!

Karla says everyday that if she can make an impact ion just one person NOT to allow an unslikked surgeon mess with their adhesions, she might be able to see a purpose for what she has suffered, that is why you see Karla trying to impress persons on this society to take care of thier problems, do something about them, stand up for yourselves, take control and responsibility for your own care...the last thing she wants to see if anyone prolonging their own medical care if they can do anything about she cannot..not that she won't..she cannot!

I again ask everyone to pray for Karla, to pray she finds the strength to make yet another trip to Chicago next week ..and that soon, soon, Karla will get the word that she will be having this first stage of her surgery so that she too can see some light at the end for her life...

In friendship Bev

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> Dear Karla,
> Are you going to have adhesions removed by a doctor other than Dr. Reich
and > Dr. Redan? If so, why would you subject yourself to a surgeon who doesn't
> have the same specialized skills? I'd rather wait until I could have my
> surgery with the top experts. God Bless You in your decision.
> Sincerely, Linda H. in Jax, FL
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> >Chrissy,
> >
> >The reason I say THIS one better work is so I can have that surgery with
> >the
> >R&R NEXT!
> >
> >Karla
> >

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> > > Hi Karla,
> > > I just wanted to comment on your last sentence in your email. "this
one > > > better work" - I pray that it does for you. Those were my words
exactly > >when
> > > I had my surgery in July with Dr. Redan and Reich. There is hope
Karla. > >I
> > > know you have suffered - and I know the words "this one better work."
> > > I pray that this one WILL work for you so that you may feel the joys
of > >life
> > > as I do. Hugs to you!
> > > ~Chrissie
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