Re: Endo return or Adhesions

From: Deb Stevens (
Tue Sep 26 20:43:50 2000

Meg, I have a question: How dod they decide that you had a return of Endo and or adhesions?? I'm going through the thought process of this now with my doctors! One says that he's been inside so many times that he's sure that all is removed but to be on the safe side let's see what will happen when taken off harmones!! Anyone with a clue what is supposed to happen (more pain or less and if there's no change how can one know if there's not already endo?)Another doctor is agreeing with the first stating it's probably not the cavity causing problems but the wall lining! And another is suggesting that he sees I'm in pain but soen't know what to do for me as he's not sure at all what's causing it! I know that we've heard about the wonderful doctors in this group, which I'm glad to see that they are available to some of us, but at what point does one decide that it is adhesions causing the pain and what to do about it? Deb At Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Meg wrote: >
>New to this site.
>I had a TAHBSO on 4/00 due to severe endo and adhesions. Today, I was
>diagnosed with the return of endo. Dr. feels the endo can be controled
>by hormones, and the adhesions will "go away with time". My pain is in
>my lower back with intermittent bowel problems. I have done my research
>and there is nothing about adhesions just going away. Second, I really
>don't know who to turn to, a surgeon who specializes in adhesions or a
>local endometriosis center. I think the endo ctr will cut the adhesions
>but not with the care and barriers recommended.
>Any advice is appreciated,

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