Re: toni's question about adhesions..................posted again for Deb Stevens

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Sep 26 22:15:30 2000

At Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Deb Stevens wrote:


HI! I can tell you that I have had all the GI tests, barium tests, urinary tract tests, CAT Scans and everything comes out normal!! All thesetests have been since Spring 1998! I have had 4 operations since! First one revealed mucho adhesions, the 2nd revealed a hernia (the surgeon insisted that he had to feel the lump prior to operating since it didn't show on the CAT, so I had to take a walk and return 15 min later before I could schedule it even though 2 other drs. felt it! I thought at that point I was crazy and thank God that a very close friend was with me to verify the lump before I returned to the dr!), the 3rd removed more adhesions and 1 ovary and then the 4th had a total hysterectomy and more adhesions removed (Interceed was used to help prevent any more adhesions!)!! Guess what I'm still in pain unfortunately and 3 different drs. are going to have a conference to decide what they should do for me, if anything!!

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY but please don't drive yourself there either! Find a great pain specialist to help you deal with the pain, at least until a diagnosis is made! I really believe that my pain specialist is the person that has helped me deal with the problem physically up to this point and my 6yr. old son and husband have been the most supportive mentally! It's hard on everyone! MOST IMPORTANT YOU NEED TO HAVE FAITH!! There's a reason for everything, this I believe. I don't always understand at the time but eventually I can figure out the reason for it! Communicate!! That's the name of the "game"! That's the purpose of this board! We've either been there or we're there now and can understand what's happening!

Keep in touch!


At Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Toni Welsh wrote:

They wanted me to do that barium enema and I said no. And instead they did an upper gi w/small bowel which did not show anything and I did have an obstruction. So I have had every test and they always go in and find obstruction. I really hope you go to see a general surgeon. Well take care and let me know how ya do.

Did they find the obstructions through your tests? I am feeling so bad and I am really afraid something is going to happen to me. My husband is worried about how nervous I have been , and I cannot settle down AT ALL!


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