hernia ?

From: Verna Cohen (verna@mcn.org)
Tue Sep 26 22:37:44 2000

Hi Everyone!

I've been a very quiet member but I read all the notes and soak in all the information. If prayers are being asked for...I give those too...I just don't always get the chance to write it. I have only been a member for a few months now but the wealth of info I've received is amazing. Those of you who regularly participate and answer ?'s and provide info.....bless you!!

Now that I've said "my opinion of this group" :-) Here is my question:

I've had two laparascopic surgeries and a total hysterectomy w/ovaries removed. I have a dense mass of adhesions in both lower quadrants of my abdomen. My last surgery was Dec. 98. I had one really good year now the pain is back in full force. I also feel some new tugs by my left rib cage and that scares me.

Like a blockhead....I have refused to cut down on physical labor...being hard headed (and stupid enough) to believe that I am stronger than the adhesions are. This last weekend I worked in the yard removing brush and using clippers above my head and lifting trash cans etc..etc You know the scene. Well the next day I had such a sharp excrutiating pain on my left side by my belly button that dropped me to the floor. Since then I've been in bad pain. It felt like something was tearing. Now I am not comforting standing straight up and the way I am most comfortable is holding my belly on that side.

I am a heavy girl. I've been trying to feel if I can feel any bulge or anything...but I can't. I started wondering today if this could be a hernia. Are we as adhesion sufferers more susceptible to hernias, what are the symptoms etc..etc.. (the tearing sensation was three days ago). I'd appreciate any info you can give me.

I also wanted to comment that I relate to all the ladies re: the infertility issue. I was 37 when I had my hysterectomy....no children. At first I thought I was going to be OK with it but now I grieve that loss all the time.

Hugs to you all. Thanks for listening.........


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