Mary and Pearl are doing well following surgery on Monday!!!

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Sep 27 10:06:09 2000

Bev received an email from Dr. Jay Redan following the surgeries for Mary Stoops and Pearl. Dr. Redan said: "Mary and Pearl did great today ( Monday, Sept. 25th ). Both had "easy" procedures (at least for me !!!) and did great. Both went back to the hotel a few hours after their surgery.

"Mary even felt well enough to put her make-up on before leaving the hospital!!! She is quite a character and will be a great asset to the IAS."

Dear Mary and Pearl,

You have had your surgeries done by the most skilled and experienced surgeons possible for adhesiolysis procedures!! I am sure that you will NEVER be sorry that you decided to seek the very best surgeons for your surgeries!! Best wishes to both of you for a successful recovery!!

In Friendship,


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