Re: Mary and Pearl are doing well following surgery on Monday!!!

From: Dennis Ober (
Thu Sep 28 11:28:51 2000

--- Helen Dynda <> wrote: > Bev received an email from Dr. Jay Redan following
> the surgeries for Mary Stoops and Pearl. Dr. Redan
> said: "Mary and Pearl did great today ( Monday,
> Sept. 25th ). Both had "easy" procedures (at least
> for me !!!) and did great. Both went back to the
> hotel a few hours after their surgery.
> "Mary even felt well enough to put her make-up on
> before leaving the hospital!!! She is quite a
> character and will be a great asset to the IAS."
> Dear Mary and Pearl,
> You have had your surgeries done by the most skilled
> and experienced surgeons possible for adhesiolysis
> procedures!! I am sure that you will NEVER be sorry
> that you decided to seek the very best surgeons for
> your surgeries!! Best wishes to both of you for a
> successful recovery!!
> In Friendship,
> Helen

Dear Helen, This Pearl's son Dennis, Pearl is doing fine, she is still sore, but is doing well, she came home tuesday evening from scranton,pa about 7pm. Glad she went and had this done. Thank you, for your help. A Caring Son, Dennis Ober

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