Re: Info on diet from Drs. R&R's office...

From: Kathy L. (
Wed Sep 27 21:52:11 2000

Dear Sherry Marie:

Thank you for the information about your diet. I will definitely stay away from popcorn. Good luck with your surgery. I am planning on having mine there in Oct or November. I have to wait to heal from my last surgery first. Please write the forum when you are feeling up to it and let us all know how your surgery went.


At Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Sherry Marie wrote: >
>I wanted to share some information I received from Dr. Redan & Dr.
>Reich's office. I am scheduled for surgery in Scranton on Oct. 30th.
>Due to the fact that I have intestinal adhesions, I suffer from bowel
>problems and obstructions. I was also hospitalized for 11 days this
>month for pain control and tests. I was put on a liquid diet which then
>progressed to a soft diet. My stool is often pencil thin. Scranton
>told me to continue taking Metamucil and Colace daily. They called
>Colace "lube for the tube"!!! I am also to stay on a very soft diet,
>small portions, peel all fruit, eat prunes,& do not eat popcorn. I hope
>this helps. I will be going for some pre-admission tests soon and will
>keep you informed. My best to all of you. Sherry Marie

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