Re: Toni

From: toni welsh (
Thu Mar 1 09:51:32 2001

At Thu, 1 Mar 2001, norma wrote: >
>Hi Toni
>How are you today? Any luck with the docs? Where are you from the docs
>here think that adhesions are best left alone and just give pain relief,
>prob is the pain is never relieved. Steve is doing well after saying
>that and I can only pray the adhesions do not return. Keep me updated
>on how you are.
>Love Norma


I am glad your son is doing good, The weird thing I had my surgery, the second laparotomy, was five months after the first one in 98, I was home laying in bed after 6 days, and told my husband I could feel the same pulling and burning pain in the area of my incision, and here I amtoday. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. The gyn talked with a dozen docs here, and he found only two that would be willing to operate on me again. I am planning on seeing him as soon as I feel I can, the last surgery was so hard, I stayed longer, I developed an ilieus the fifth day, and that was so painful. I told my gyn the day I went home, I am not doing this again, and I cannot get the nerve yet!

Take care of yourself, and your son, Toni

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