Thu Mar 1 10:33:55 2001


Well I went to the GI yesterday.I explained my pain. They didn't even check my vital signs. He proceeded to call me fat not overweight or obese but fat I am only 23 lbs. over weight for my heighth. Then he did not even check me. I sat in the chair and he poked my side once and told me to go home $135.00 and he was rude and uncaring by the time I got home I was all to peices and my temperature was 101.My husband Joe comforted me for a while. But it has made me feel like the ugliest person in the world the pain has worsened today proably because i got so stressed out yesterday. I get so tired of this bull so I went outside this morning and screamed for about 30 min. The wind started whipping around really hard and I just started laughing because I knew it was my sister saying get your crazy self back in the house and try again, LOL

Still looking and praying for help Dawn

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