Why not

From: Teresa Waldrop (twaldro3@bellsouth.net)
Thu Mar 1 13:42:00 2001

All my adhesion friends, I have mentioned in the past that I have been going to a Dr. Parker for hypnotherapy. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how I am doing. I am sleeping all night and waking up with tons of energy. The swelling is gone and I am actually wearing my jeans again. Over the week-end I was able to do house work, rearrange my children's rooms,and enjoy life. I have gone grocery shopping and was able to drive myself to meet my Dr. and that was 3 hours round-trip,and so much more. Have any of you thought about giving it a try? It's not like what you see on t.v. where people are acting stupid while under "supposed" hypnosis. I was scared to try it, but was so desperate. I thank God that it is working for me and pray that all of you can soon feel as good as I do. Please consider it. I want you all to enjoy all the things in life that I am now enjoying. Love, Teresa

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