Re: Confused!

From: toni welsh (
Fri Mar 2 07:04:33 2001

At Fri, 2 Mar 2001, Colette wrote: >
>At Fri, 2 Mar 2001, toni welsh wrote:
>>hi toni try calling your GI. I get that sometimes and it sounda like IBS with the cramping or it just might be that your body needs to get it out. I sometimes do that too! Hope you feel better. (((big hug))!
>>I am so confused on why I go from one extreme to the next, I have been
>>suffering constipation for 3 years, and the last 5 days I have had
>>severe upper cramping, and diarreha. I was up ti 2 o'clock last night.
>>I did not go Wednesday, and took senekot on Tuesday night, the pain
>>clinic said I should take it more often, and yesterday I got the cramps
>>again in the upper part of my stomach, and thought I had taken too much,
>>but normally it works in the morning, and I go no more, and I was up
>>most of the night going. I know this is not a virus, I have been
>>eating, and trying to think of what I may have eaten, but I have not
>>eaten nothing different.I may call my GI dr today, this is starting to
>>woory me, I NEVER get diarreha, and I went all day and night, normally
>>if this happens, it goes away right away. I am still going this
>>morning, and I do not want to take anything like imodium, it may cause
>>more troubles.
>>This is something I am definitely not used to. This happened Sunday,
>>and the stoll was normal the first time yesterday, can laxatives cause
>>damage to cause this. I am sorry, I am not used to this, and the pain
>>has not got any worse, until the cramps start. Then it is bad.
>>I guess the best thing to do , is call the dr first to see if he may
>>know what I could do. I am sorry to bother you about this, but I am
>>tired of this, I told my husband and he said at leats you are getting it
>>out, yeah, but this is ridiculous. he wants to go to flea market
>>tomaorrow, and I like to go with him. This is not a sign of
>>obstruction, I hope, I take prevacid for the acid, and it got worse for
>>awhile last night.

Thank you, Colette, I am just not used to it. I was diagnosed with IBS, many yeras ago, and would have attacks, but they would happen in the middle of the night, once or twice and go away, this has lasted so long. I have not had any attacks for about 5 years, and they never lasted that long.

How are you doing today? I guess I am getting so angry complaining all the time, and sometimes my husband listens, and I feel like at times he is getting tired of hearing it.

Sunday, he was worried thogh, he does know my fears, with what happened to mom and it killed her. Just the word bowels is a bad word in my family, my sister has severe case of Crohns disease, and my son also has it, but he has not had any problems, and it will be 4 years in May, he takes 2400 mgs of Asacol, and I pray everyday forhim.

Love, Toni

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