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Fri Mar 2 19:38:05 2001

Toni, I am having similar problems. I have to sleep sitting up. If I try to lay on my side, and then roll over, I get such pains just like if the intestines were twisted into knots. I had some loose stool with pain, this morning. Then I went a lot more loose stool, which it was like a lot of pain- not cramps - and like the stool more or less fell out, with me not really having any urge. But the pain is always there, and nothing relieves it. I told the ob/gyn today and I asked her if the adhesions could be back. I told her it is not IBS. Then after I told her I am starved, losing weight, in pain, and having trouble going, she said,"You look a lot better than you did before the surgery."I asked how the path. report was, and she said it just showed a few tiny fibroids.I asked her then, why she took everything. She said,"Because you were crying you had pelvic pain and wanted the pain taken care of. "I told her that I had asked her not to take anything that wasn't really bad. She said that we agreed on the plan of treatment, and I said "but you wrote it as a possible hysterectomy." I guess I don't have to see her anymore. The job is done, the $$$$ are made, and I guess this is as good as I get. I am so discouraged that I ever let myself be cut.I am afraid to take too many laxatives when I have abdominal pain because in some cases you can do more harm than good. Hope you're feeling better. Millie

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> I am so confused on why I go from one extreme to the next, I have been
> suffering constipation for 3 years, and the last 5 days I have had
> severe upper cramping, and diarreha. I was up ti 2 o'clock last night.
> I did not go Wednesday, and took senekot on Tuesday night, the pain
> clinic said I should take it more often, and yesterday I got the cramps
> again in the upper part of my stomach, and thought I had taken too much,
> but normally it works in the morning, and I go no more, and I was up
> most of the night going. I know this is not a virus, I have been
> eating, and trying to think of what I may have eaten, but I have not
> eaten nothing different.I may call my GI dr today, this is starting to
> woory me, I NEVER get diarreha, and I went all day and night, normally
> if this happens, it goes away right away. I am still going this
> morning, and I do not want to take anything like imodium, it may cause
> more troubles.
> This is something I am definitely not used to. This happened Sunday,
> and the stoll was normal the first time yesterday, can laxatives cause
> damage to cause this. I am sorry, I am not used to this, and the pain
> has not got any worse, until the cramps start. Then it is bad.
> I guess the best thing to do , is call the dr first to see if he may
> know what I could do. I am sorry to bother you about this, but I am
> tired of this, I told my husband and he said at leats you are getting it
> out, yeah, but this is ridiculous. he wants to go to flea market
> tomaorrow, and I like to go with him. This is not a sign of
> obstruction, I hope, I take prevacid for the acid, and it got worse for
> awhile last night.
> TOni

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