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[] Dyspareunia Related Newspaper and Magazine Articles:

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[] Dyspareunia Related Articles

The subject of pain during sexual intercourse has appeared in an increasing number of recent magazine and newspaper articles.

You may wish to look for the following articles in your local library:

* Women and sex...Newsweek, May 29, 2000.

* Your cruelest cramps-cured...Cosmopolitan, December 1999.

* The danger within...Forbes, December 13, 1999.

* The sex problem no one talks about...Parents, October 1999.

* When pelvic pain persists...Redbook, September 1999.

* The pain was so bad I dropped to my knees...Mademoiselle, August 1999.

* The diagnosis doctors miss most...New Woman, July 1999.

* Vulvodynia. American Family Physician...March 15, 1999

* Endometriosis enigma...Harper's Bazaar, February 1999.

* Survey: One-third of Americans experience sexual dysfunction...Boston Globe, February 10, 1999.

* Therapies emerge for female sexual dysfunction: Success of Viagra is affecting women, too...St. Paul Pioneer Press, October 25, 1998.

* Sex hurts: Immediate solutions to your painful intercourse experiences...Cosmopolitan, June 1998.

* When sex hurts...Good Housekeeping, March 1997.

We will continue to update this list as we become aware of other articles providing helpful information on the subject of pain during sexual intercourse.

NOTE: Also, please contact us if you have found any magazine or newspaper articles you have found helpful.

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