Steady abdominal pains and bowel problems since TAH

From: Millie (
Sat Mar 3 08:40:17 2001

Is there anyone who is experiencing what feels like no urge to have bm's? I have steady pain and tenderness above the incision, and I know the bowel doesn't empty out. I have a full feeling, and it pulls on the incision. How do they diagnose a partial bowel obstruction? Would it show up on a regular xray? I had the flat plate xrays done on Feb.28. These included 2 xrays standing up, and 2 or 3 laying down. What can they see on this type of xray? Can they tell if you're constipated? I can't eat much because I feel full, like nothing much wants to pass through. I told the ob/gyn yesterday, but she wouldn't order any tests, because she said a CAT scan would not show if the intestines were pulled out of shape, due to adhesions. I asked her about a MRI. Or the barium tests.But she insisted none of them would show anything. What am I to do? She did cut adhesions around the bowels. She said earlier on there weren't many of them, but yesterday she said there weren't a lot, but there were moderate adhesions. I hate to go to another emergency room, becuse they don't know your case, and if they have to admit you, and if you don't have a Dr. there, they give you God knows who. I am so uncomfortable and so scared. Dr. Redan said he couldn't help me - I guess he thought it was too early after my TAH, to do anything. What are the symptoms of different kinds of bowel obstructions? I need to know just when they do decide to put in the n.g. tube. I am so scared of this happening, that I don't know what to do!!! Are you o.k. as long as you have some type of bowel movement? How can they find blockages? By xrays, CAT scans? Barium tests? I know the more they cut, the more adhesions you get. Any light on this would be greatly appreciated, along with what to eat if you can't eat much. I have lost a lot of weight.Thanks for your help. Millie

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