Re: impacted colon

From: toni welsh (
Sat Mar 3 14:25:08 2001

At Sat, 3 Mar 2001, Millie wrote: >
>When I went to the e.r. of the hospital where I had the TAH done, the e.r.
>Dr. showed me my xrays. He said there was a clump of stool in the lower
>colon. He gave me 30 cc of milk of mag, a Fleets enema, which never do work
>for me, and a Dulcolax suppository. I didn't get much reults. I tried to
>tell the ob/gyn who did my surgery that I'm having more troubles moving my
>bowels, but it's like I've been written off. I saw her yesterday, and I
>told her I feel the adhesions are back, because of the steady pain,
>pressure, and the fact I can't eat much. It feels as if nothing wants to
>pass thru. She said it could be adhesions, but she didn't think so. I told
>her I'm worse after over a month, instead of improving. She told me I look
>much betr since the surgery. I told her looks are deceiving, and 'm worse
>since the surgery. I asked her if she could order tests like the barium
>test, or a CAT scan to see if anything is bocking off. She didn't want to be
>bothered, I guess. I was told they did all the tests before. I told
>her yes, but that was months before the TAH. I might as well have talked to
>the wall. I have no urge to go since the surgery. I told her the last decent
>bm I had was on Fe.3. I told her the bm I had last Thursday was little more
>than pencil thin. I guess the damage is done, so I'm writen off.What did
>they tell you to take for the impacted colon? Did they see that on a regular
>plain film xray?

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>> has anyone been told their colon is impacted? my gi dr said that is what
>> has been causing my diarreha. it has been an awful week!
>> toni


They did a flat exray, and 2 on ech standing, they said to take Fleet enemas, and they did not work, aas usaual, and to take a laxative tonight. I was okay last night but I did not eat hardly at all. I went to flea market with my husband today to try to help, and it is a long drive, and I ate a small roll, and withi an hour the cramps were so bad I told him I could not even move. I walked to the restroom, I am not used to going in a public restroom, as I do not go that much, untill this week, and we had to come home. I will be easy tonight I will eat some soup, I ahve suffered all week with this, like I said I am not used to diarreha, and I want the bowel movements to be normaal.

I guess I will not feel real good til I get this moving, but I was told I have to to avoid an obstuction.

Love, Toni

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