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Sat Mar 3 19:54:38 2001

Dear Brokenwing, Thanks for the ideas on the Vit.C. It's worth a try. All of us sure are being put through the wringer, aren't we? Let me know how you're doing. I drink Boost, but I have to be careful with the chocolate, as it can be binding. Big pain-free hugs to you, too!! Millie

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> I don't know if this will help you but I thought I would
> share with you anyway. I too have lost alot of weight,
> alittle over 100lbs and I am still losing. I have been
> trying different kinds of baby food mostly the fruits
> and desserts because they are easy to digest and they
> are all natural with no preservatives and junk like that.
> I also drink the regular ensure not the plus because it
> was harder on my stomach. I also drink lots and lots of
> water with alittle fruit juice in it for flavor. My DR
> suggested high doses of vitamin C because it is a natural
> stool softner but my stomach couldn't handle it. You might
> ask your DR about vit C. I am constantly trying to figure out how to
> keep my bowels moving. I use a stool softner
> daily and I have to use a laxative about every 4 days.So
> I totally understand some of what you are going through!
> I will keep you in my prayers and hope you find relief
> --
> ~Brokenwing~

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