From: Michael Murray (
Sun Mar 4 12:53:04 2001

Karla, Thank you for your info. I will not get surgery again unless I get blocked. The Internist wanted me to go because she feels that I may be starting to get blocked. I alternate with diarrhea then am constipated. I am going to interview the Dr. on what surg. procedure he uses etc... The last time I went to see the Internist, I felt really bad that day and I think she got a little concerned. I alternate on feeling good one day and then the next terrible. I am supposed to go and see the Pain Dr. in two weeks. Last time I went in, he said he was going to do the pain blocks the next time. The meds that I am on help a lot but they make me feel like I am in a fog.(They help the pain a lot but not the digestive problems) I guess we need to eat low fiber diets which I have not been doing. The funny thing is, I still get intimidated when I go see a Dr. I always feel strong going in and then when I get there I freeze up. I have been to a lot of arrogant Drs. I think the good lord sent me to this site. I had been feeling so alone and frustrated and at times felt like ending it all. My family has been great support but I know unless you are going through having adhesions, you don't know how the other person feels. I try not to have a "pity party" for myself anymore and it makes my days go better. I can't imagine having as many surgeries as you have had. I have only had 5 abdominal surg. Are you feeling better today with your pain? Pray that when I go see the surgeon next week, I will take charge. Kelly

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