Re: Helen G.... Good luck baby

From: Helen Gibson (
Sun Mar 4 18:40:50 2001

Hi Trace,

Thanks for your words of encouragement, I am feeling very confident about the operation tomorrow, I am even surprising myself with how calm I feel. I am going to Swans District Hospital, in Midland, Ive been there for 4 other operations, and they are really wonderful, it's only small and it's in the bush, really lovely gardens to relax in and the other times that I've been there the nurses have been great. My Urologist reckons I will only be in until Saturday, sounds great to me, it will be the shortest hospital stay that I've had. If you call I don't know if they will give you any information, not unless you say that your a relative, but I'll only be in theatre for about 1 hour (also a record), so I should be alright to talk by early evening, so if you call the switch board and ask to be put through to my room we can have a chat. Number is (08) 93475244. Hope you had a good birthday yesterday and had a few drinks to celebrate. Ah 31 I remember it well!!. Time to go, things to do and get organized, it's a public holiday here today (labour Day), just my luck, no shops open etc, so if I've forgotten anything for my little stay bad luck. Talk to you soon Thanks for everything. Love Helen G

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Hey Helen,

Good luck babe, but my wishes for you go without saying. Which hospital are you going to ?? Can I have some details so I can give them a ring to check on you?

I know this decision was a very difficult one to make, but I am feeling very confident you are making the right one. Your options were not in abundance that's foresure. You have great surgeons. And some great support. Anything you need or want, I am a phone call away, don't even hesitate !

Thankyou for your birthday wishes, actually that goes to everyone, my Nik is a sneaky thing, 31 is not THAT old !!! LOL

Take care gorgeous, Keep you chin up & we'll talk soon Trace xoxox

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