Helen G.... Good luck baby

From: niko (nicko69@dingoblue.net.au)
Sun Mar 4 05:38:24 2001

Hey Helen,

Good luck babe, but my wishes for you go without saying. Which hospital are you going to ?? Can I have some details so I can give them a ring to check on you?

I know this decision was a very difficult one to make, but I am feeling very confident you are making the right one. Your options were not in abundance that's foresure. You have great surgeons. And some great support. Anything you need or want, I am a phone call away, don't even hesitate !

Thankyou for your birthday wishes, actually that goes to everyone, my Nik is a sneaky thing, 31 is not THAT old !!! LOL

Take care gorgeous, Keep you chin up & we'll talk soon Trace xoxox

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