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From: Jean Long (
Sun Mar 4 20:34:01 2001

Toni, I just read that your pain is in your upper "right" abdomen which does sound like it definitely could be Gall Bladder. I guess mis-read your last post cause I thought you said you were constipated and asking what to take for it, but I read here that you have diarrhea.

My pains are always on my left side except when it involved my right ovary, but then it was pelvic not upper abdomen. JEAN (from PA)

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Thank you so much, I really am feeling alot better right now, but I am taking my time, the dr said to try to give my digestive tract a rest. And that is what I am doing, I am taking easy today.

Are you doing okay? I do worry abput alot of you girls, and I am always open to listen. I have been o this forum for a long time, and sometimes I lose track of everyone. Helen, was a God send for me when I had all my surgery, and she still is.

I felt better for awhile on Friday too, and it all started agin yesterday, so I am not bragging yet. I told my husband I pray it does not come back, I am alittle tender on my upper right side, but that is not the severe pain and cramping I had last night, that was awful. I hate to feel like that. I hope you are okay, and thank you too so much for caring!!

Love, your friend in Ohio Toni >

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