Re: Gall Bladder?

From: Kate Murphy (
Mon Mar 5 09:13:19 2001

On 4 Mar 2001, at 9:43, toni welsh wrote:

> I was up til 3 o'clock AGAIN last night with severe stomach ache, and
> diarreha. I do not think there is anything else in there. I do not
> think my dr is right, and I am going to call today if this keeps up. I
> am trying to wait til tomorrow, but I seem I am fine unless I eat.


I don't remember where you are in terms of exams, but it is time to sit down with a gastroenterologist and make a plan to deal with what is happening.

We know that adhesions cause pain and can cause GI symptoms, but there are other things that cause symptoms as well.

When you eat, your intestinal tract revs up to process food. It does move all the time, but it responds to eating with activity.

If the pain is getting worse, it is a sign that something needs to be investigated. If you haven't had a colonoscopy, you should have one to rule out lumps and bumps, irritable bowel, or an impaction caused by stool. You should also get an ultrasound (easy and very painless) of your gallbladder.

Anything we might say or your friends might say is guess work.


Kate Murphy

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