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From: toni welsh (
Mon Mar 5 06:37:41 2001

At Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Jean Long wrote: >
>Have you considered trying Herb Lax??
>It is a pure, natural Herbal Sennosides stimulant laxative, so I do think it would be as harsh as drug store laxatives.
>It is Herbal Medicine by Shaklee. It is sold by Shaklee Distributors.
>You should be able to find someone in your phone book or even on the internet who sells it.
>It isn't sold at health food stores, just by distributors. Here are 2 sites that have it for $9.65. If you "join" you can also get some discount on it and you only join one time and done for a lifetime discount.
>Just because I need dynamite doesn't mean everyone does.
>I don't have any peristaltic waves without taking something, so I don't get an urge at all without it. My intestines won't let anything pass through with any form.
>If mine get the least bit of form that is when I get knife-like gripping, gotta hold your breath pains! I can feel it "sharply" trying to move through the entire intestine even with taking a laxative.
>Most people I know get relief taking only one Herb Lax.
>If 1 doesn't work try 2 or whatever it takes.
>I could not have survived 13 years without it!
>Quote of the day:
>Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. "Walk beside me and be my friend."

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>Should I go back to ER? I am NOT used to these HARD cramps, they come
>and go and they are in the upper part, right under my rib cage. They
>are real hard for a few minutes, and then it eases up. But it keeps
>coming back, I just ate some soup, and do not understand this. They
>hurt alot, and I am used to all the pain in my LOWER pelvis, I raelly
>hate tp keep being a pain, but I have suffered ll day since I are that
>roll. I do not know which laxative to take tonight, the searches I did
>said something about not taking to strong of one, the drs did not say!
>The only thing he said was if the fleet dod not work, and it probably
>won't, and it didn't, to take a regular enema bag, and use warm water
>enema. It has been a long time for one of those, you would think the dr
>would have taken care of all this when I was there. I have alot of
>swelling again, even after losing some weight this week, the enema
>worked ALITTLE, has anyone else known that impaction causes diarreha? I
>was reading on one of the forums, and it said sometimes it causes
>explosive diarreha!
>I am really pretty scraed right now, I took some of my Zantac this
>morning and it wased alittle, but it keeps coming back. Like I had said
>earlier, I did not eat yesterday, except a SMALL piece of fish in the
>evening, and I was better for yesterday, but it KEEPS comings BACK!!
>Sick and tired,

Yes. Jean, I have read it here and I was going to try to find it, thank you so much. SOmeone mentioned it to me when my son was diagnosed with crohns disease 4 years ago, thank you again.

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