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From: toni welsh (
Mon Mar 5 06:40:21 2001

At Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Jean Long wrote: >
>I just read that your pain is in your upper "right" abdomen which does sound like it definitely could be Gall Bladder.
>I guess mis-read your last post cause I thought you said you were constipated and asking what to take for it, but I read here that you have diarrhea.
>My pains are always on my left side except when it involved my right ovary, but then it was pelvic not upper abdomen.
>JEAN (from PA)

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>Thank you so much, I really am feeling alot better right now, but I am
>taking my time, the dr said to try to give my digestive tract a rest.
>And that is what I am doing, I am taking easy today.
>Are you doing okay? I do worry abput alot of you girls, and I am always
>open to listen. I have been o this forum for a long time, and sometimes
>I lose track of everyone. Helen, was a God send for me when I had all
>my surgery, and she still is.
>I felt better for awhile on Friday too, and it all started agin
>yesterday, so I am not bragging yet. I told my husband I pray it does
>not come back, I am alittle tender on my upper right side, but that is
>not the severe pain and cramping I had last night, that was awful. I
>hate to feel like that. I hope you are okay, and thank you too so much
>for caring!!
>your friend in Ohio

Jean, This last week was NEW to me. I NEVER have diarreha. That is why I have been so confused this whole week. I am feeling somewhat better, thank goodness! I am only babying my digestive tract right now. I see the dr later to day. I still am having some pain in the upper part, but as of now the diarreha is gone. It has been 24 hours since I have gone.


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