I did a no no! I'm in pain now!

From: Colette (anonymous@medispecialty.com)
Mon Mar 5 07:45:22 2001

Well i've been controlling my constipation with Milk of magnesia, which in away its been helping. Well i thought since i was going with the aid of a little help from MOM that i could eat whatever i want. WRONG!!! I was up all night in sooo much pain, my intestines was cramping then my leftside was having sharp stabbing pains, and it would raidate down to the pelvic area. OOHHH MY i thought i was dying. I guess its back to liquids again for awhile. Liquids are much easier on the system you think i would learn. Its just that for the first time in awhile i felt pretty good for a couple of days. Well at least i got to see the zoo this weekend with my kids and thats worth a million to watch them smile and happy, they loved having me with them thats what keeps me going. Mind you i did not walk through the whole zoo my side was killing me, but they have some play areas so the kids played i watched it was fun. My husband was so greatful to see me smile again even if it was for only a couple of days. Well tommarrow i have another dr's appt. with a female gasteroligist i hope she is more understanding than the last doc. i had. This pain i'm having is horrible sometimes its truely hard to get going thruogh the day. I pray to God every night and every morning to get me through the days. I do understand all of you and i hope you have a good day. Big hugs to all!!!

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