Gall Bladder?

From: toni welsh (
Sun Mar 4 08:42:27 2001

I was up til 3 o'clock AGAIN last night with severe stomach ache, and diarreha. I do not think there is anything else in there. I do not think my dr is right, and I am going to call today if this keeps up. I am trying to wait til tomorrow, but I seem I am fine unless I eat.

A friend of mine seems to think this COULD be my gall bladder, belive it of not they did not take it out during none of my surgeries. I am 46, and she said that is the prime age for this. This has been going on since last Saturday, and progressively getting alot worse. I was wondering if any of you may think this is what all this could be, I have been suffering for 10 days, and different than all the other pain.

I hate to keep on complaining girls up I am so scared to even trying to eat after yesterday. I was better Frday, I did not eat, I have lost about 6 lbs this week. I was starting to gain it.

Any suggestions? SHould I wait til Monday to call the dr. back? I hate to bother them on Sunday, but I was real close to going to ER around midnight last night.


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