Re: obtaining medical records

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Mar 5 19:59:55 2001

Dear Cheryl, please send your doctors a letter (typed and looking professional) stating that you are officially requesting copies of certain records. Be specific. example... Please send me a copy of my operation report of Sept. 9, 2000 plus all pertinant copies of other medical tests done at the time with the ensuing results. As you know this is my legal right. Please send these as soon as possible to (Your name and address) If there is a small copying fee, I will be happy to pay this, but please be advised that common medical practice and human kindness suggests that you keep your fees, if there are any, reasonable and not a profit making enterprise in and of itself. Thank you very much. My family is eagerly awaiting my paperwork.... You can also have someone else with less attitude than me write up your letter for you . Don't give up. It's your body and you paid for all those reports. Sally Grigg CherylCole wrote:

> I am having a BIG problem obtaining my medical records from my Dr.s.
> Either they want to charge a fee( $10.00 PER PAGE) records,
> --
> Cheryl

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