Re: obtaining medical records

From: jenny low (
Mon Mar 5 23:08:16 2001

Hi Cheryl,

Welcome to the IAS site. I'm glad you found it. Everyone has truly been a great support for me so I know they will do as much for you as they can. About your medical records, are all of your doctors charging you that much? That is outrageous. I can't remember if it was a dentist or a pediatrician that was going to charge me for copies of the medical records but it was years ago and I don't think it was going to be near that amount. So when I filled out a request for medical records at the new doctor they did send them and I wasn't charged. To me it seems kind of odd and like they are trying to deter you from seeing what they wrote like it is some big secret. I mean really, what are they trying to hide? Then again, maybe they are worried about some law suit crazy patient who is just looking for a mess up somewhere so they can file a law suit. There are alot of people who are like that so we all suffer for their greediness. I hope you find some solutions. You would think your ob/gyn would see the importance of her sending on your records. Maybe you should call them everyday until she does send them. Pretty soon they would get tired of the nagging. Or maybe you could visit their office and ask that they prepare them while you are there. I think I would really push, but in a non threatening way. It always helps to stay civil. In facat I think Mary wrote something about that yesterday for Millie in handling a situation with her doctor. I couldn't have said it any better myself. Anytime you go on the offensive right away it puts the other person on the defensive. That is just the way we are. Someone acts the other reacts. SO if you push in a nice way and maybe explain the importance to them they will move to help you. Sometimes persistance pays off. I hope it all works out for you. Let us know what happens. By the way, where do you live? I was just telling my hubby and he asked.

Love, Jenny

>From: (CherylCole)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: obtaining medical records
>Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 21:40:35 -0600
>I am having a BIG problem obtaining my medical records from my Dr.s.
>Either they want to charge a fee( $10.00 PER PAGE) or they tell me to
>have my new Dr. contact them and they will supply the records to the
>new Dr. as a curtesy. I did try that and the new Dr. only got a phone
>call, not the records. Has anyone had similar experience? What do you
>have to do to get a copy of your own records for yourself? My ob/gyn
>tried to do a laproscope procedure but couln't do anything because of
>too many adhesions. She referred me to a surgeon. I went to him and he
>never got any records from her, but told me he wouldn't do anything for
>me, on the basis of a phone call with her. He has recommended a surgeon
>who specilizes in adhesions. Obviously a specialist would want records,
>wouldn't they?! I have a primary care Dr, an uroligist, a breast
>surgeon, a gastrolegist(?), an ob/gyn and a pain management clinic. That
>is a lot of records to pay for. I am also having trouble getting
>information sent to my employer. I have been on sick leave for 10
>months. I have pain all the time in my lower back and abdomin. Trouble
>with constipation, and diareha, and pencil thin stools. Sometimes it
>takes alot of straining to urinate and my bladder never fully empties.
>The urge to urinate comes on strong and suddenly. Unlike like most of
>everyone here I have not lost weight, but gained about 10 lbs: probably
>because of inactivity. Sorry to get so long winded, mostly wanted to
>get advice about obtaining medical records. By the way, I have learned
>a great deal about adhesions from this site. I can't believe what some
>of you have been through and you all have my thoughts and prayers.

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