Cheryl.....Re: obtaining medical records

From: jenny low (
Mon Mar 5 23:10:14 2001


I thought I might tell you the reason my husband was asking where you live is because different states have different rules/laws for obtaining medical records. At least that is what he says. I don't know.

Love, Jenny

>From: (CherylCole)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: obtaining medical records
>Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 21:40:35 -0600
>I am having a BIG problem obtaining my medical records from my Dr.s.
>Either they want to charge a fee( $10.00 PER PAGE) or they tell me to
>have my new Dr. contact them and they will supply the records to the
>new Dr. as a curtesy. I did try that and the new Dr. only got a phone
>call, not the records. Has anyone had similar experience? What do you
>have to do to get a copy of your own records for yourself? My ob/gyn
>tried to do a laproscope procedure but couln't do anything because of
>too many adhesions. She referred me to a surgeon. I went to him and he
>never got any records from her, but told me he wouldn't do anything for
>me, on the basis of a phone call with her. He has recommended a surgeon
>who specilizes in adhesions. Obviously a specialist would want records,
>wouldn't they?! I have a primary care Dr, an uroligist, a breast
>surgeon, a gastrolegist(?), an ob/gyn and a pain management clinic. That
>is a lot of records to pay for. I am also having trouble getting
>information sent to my employer. I have been on sick leave for 10
>months. I have pain all the time in my lower back and abdomin. Trouble
>with constipation, and diareha, and pencil thin stools. Sometimes it
>takes alot of straining to urinate and my bladder never fully empties.
>The urge to urinate comes on strong and suddenly. Unlike like most of
>everyone here I have not lost weight, but gained about 10 lbs: probably
>because of inactivity. Sorry to get so long winded, mostly wanted to
>get advice about obtaining medical records. By the way, I have learned
>a great deal about adhesions from this site. I can't believe what some
>of you have been through and you all have my thoughts and prayers.

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