Back from the GI Specialist!!!

From: Colette (
Tue Mar 6 12:03:40 2001

Well i went to yet another GI specialist this one was alot nicer. It was a female and she was really nice. she believes i have adhesions in there, but she does not deal with them. but will refer me to someone that does. In the mean time i have to have a colonoscopy done april 2, which i'm not looking forward to the prep, because its golytle and 2x's i'v taken that stuff its come right back up. She put me on prevacid for my upset tummy believes that i have ulcers, because of all the stress from surgery extra... And she is going to some sort of x-ray to see if i have a "retrocyle prolapse" she sort of explained that to me but said its is not uncommon for woman that have had children and hysterectomy. She said there are surgeries that correct it, so i might yet face another surgery yaaa!~! but as far as the pain that i get in my side she believes its adhesions or something. I don't know but i'm really getting tired of all this. Is there ever an end? Well i hope you ladies are doing well! OHH the last time i prep for a colonoscopy i had to do it in the hospital cause of the problems i had. I'm a little nervous about the prep yuk!! i guess i'll cross that bridge when i get to it!

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