Re: Back from the GI Specialist!!!

From: Kate Murphy (
Tue Mar 6 17:05:05 2001

On 6 Mar 2001, at 13:06, Colette wrote:

> Well i went to yet another GI specialist this one was alot nicer. It
> was a female and she was really nice. she believes i have adhesions in
> there, but she does not deal with them. but will refer me to someone
> that does. In the mean time i have to have a colonoscopy done april 2,
> which i'm not looking forward to the prep, because its golytle and 2x's
> i'v taken that stuff its come right back up.

Call and ask if you can use the pill prep Visicol. It is new, but it is effective. You will still have very strong watery diarrhea to clean the colon, but no nasty drinks.

If she doesn't want to do that, ask about Fleets Phosphasoda. It tastes foul, but you only need two swigs of it. Get the ginger flavor and chase it with ginger ale. Clinical testing has shown it to be as effective in cleansing the colon as Golytely.

If she argues remind her of your previous experience. If you can't complete the prep, you'll have to start all over and that's a real bummer. Tell her that the worst prep method is one the patient can't tolerate.


Kate Murphy

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