Re: adhesions attached to leg muscle

From: jenny low (
Wed Mar 7 01:56:07 2001

Hi Stacey and Suzzane,

This is the same kind of pain I have except mine is in the front of the left leg and groin area and also my lower left side. I also have pain in my lower back that has been pretty unbearable the last few days. I can't stand too long, sit, or lie down. Sometimes changing the position will help for a little bit but not for very long. It for the most part has stayed constant. I tell my husband I hurt down in my butt because it is all the way down to my tail bone. The last few surgeries my rectum has been involved with the adhesions. My last surgery on February 16 my rectum was being pulled and was attached to the top of my vagina. I am really thinking something is going on again already. I have been in alot of pain with little or no relief. On top of the side pain, groin and front of my left leg pain, and lower back pain, I have shooting pains going down the back of both legs. I go to the doctor Friday for my postop appointment. I am definitely going to find out what my doctor thinks is going on.


>From: (suzanne)
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>Subject: Re: adhesions attached to leg muscle
>Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 08:38:18 -0600
>Stacy, I had a stiffness from my lower back that ran to my hip then
>sharp pain in my buttock & hip, then from there the sciatic pain ran
>down my left leg to my toe, I had numbness in my left calf, left side of
>my foot and big toe. When I had to have a bowel movement the hip pain
>became burning like, and would be relieved somewhat after I went. I had
>a lot of bowel symptoms. I also had pain in the front of my leg, right
>where my pelvis attached to my leg & groin area. The inability to move
>- like something was pulling tight. It was chronic 24/7 pain that got
>worse when sitting, walking, standing. I also had another adhesion that
>ran from the top of my round ligament to meet up with the other
>adhesion. My rectosigmoid colon was attached to my left pelvic sidewall
>and psoas muscle.
>I cannot tell you how happy I am that Dr. Redwine believed in me when
>no one else would!
>At Tue, 6 Mar 2001, wrote:
> >
> >what exactly are you symptoms, I just had my 6th sugery about a month ago
> >adhesions and I have been having terrible pain in my back lower back
> >between my vertebrate and my hipbone on the right side and it radiates to
> >right pelvis and down my right leg. Sometimes my leg goes numb and I am
> >always in excrutiating pain. I am seeing my PCP today about it again. I
>am at
> >my wits end, no more surgery but I am having a terrible time coming to
> >with the fact that I will more than likely be in pain for the rest of my
> >life. How depressing. I really wish I could see Dr. Redan, I have talked
> >him, but I just dont have the resources to see him. He is a very nice
> >Thank you for everyone's support.
> >
> >Stacey

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