From: jenny low (
Wed Mar 7 02:12:58 2001

Hi Toni,

I am doing about the same today. We bought a new computer last night with the income tax return. :0) So tonight I went with my honey and we bought a new computer desk. I couldn't wait to get home. My back is just killing me all the way down in my butt. It was like that last night at the computer store. I thought my honey would never decide which computer he wanted. He kept asking my opinion on what I wanted. I told him he needed to get what he wanted. My gosh I have been home for 12 1/2 years raising kids. I don't know much about anything except getting on the internet and emailing all my friends and my mom and dad. So finally he made up his mind. It was so good to get in the car and sit. Unfortunately, it didn't help much. So I am just hanging in here till Friday. I was able to have a decent bm. Gosh, I sound like a granny! Isn't this horrible!

I am glad that your day has been a little better. I am like you with water. I have to make myself drink it. It really helps me to get a water bottle and put it in the freezer till it just ices on the outter edge. Then I crush it and have ice water. I can drink water at room temperature too but I really prefer it the other way. I try to drink it to keep from forming more kidney stones. A nurse told me to drink the Sam's choice Free and CLear flavored waters. They have potassium citrate which is something my body lacks. That is why I have had kidney stones over 8 times. I produce massive amounts of those too. My doctors say I have a unique body chemistry and I react to everything. At this point, I would love to be normal. ANyway, if you don't drink carbonation though then these would not do you any good. I don't even drink them as often as I was. Just keep chugging so things keep moving. I'll check on you tomorrow. Well, I guess it is really today. Hey I downloaded the MSN instant messenger. If you or anyone else has it they can add me to their list. My email is

Love, Jenny

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