Re: Message Board / Chat Room...How do they differ?

From: KathFindlay (
Wed Mar 7 11:55:30 2001

Dear Helen, The difference with the chat room is, it is like talking on the telephone, you get instant answers to your questions. I think the chat room is a good thing for short questions. and more than one person can respond at the same time. This chat room has been approved by David Wiseman as an extension to both our sites. I would like to chat to you there if you like sometime. Kris our webmaster is going to print instructions with code on how to upload the photos on the site.

Love Kath.

If you go to and you will see the button second from the left at the top. Click on that and it will open the chat page. if you add the URL to your favourites it makes it easier.


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Dear Colette and others, who post messages here,

As a volunteer for the International Adhesions Society Message Board, I do not understand why there is a need for a Chat Room. Isn't everyone chatting right now...on this Message Board?

How does a Chat Room differ from a Message Board? Please post your opinions on the Message Board. I would really like to know what is so appealing about a Chat Room. Thank you!


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