Re: where's MIlie???

From: Millie (
Thu Mar 8 12:11:51 2001

Hi, Collette, I haven't been on for a few days, because my friend said she would restore my computer for me. I couldn't get into my outlook express. So I was going crazy. I went to the local e.r. Tues. They did abdominal xrays, and the Dr. said there wasn't much stool in there. He showed me the xrays. I haven't got the final report. I went to a new Dr. yesterday. He's not a specialist, but I told him what's been hapening, and gave him a copy of the surgical report. Tomorrow, I go for a CT scan with contrast at 10:30 in the morning. Do you know what a CT scan can show? That ob/gyn called me, Tues. morning. She said she wasn't trying to brush me off. She kept apologizing for the surgery not helping me. Do you think she may have done something, or do you think she felt bad that I have more problems than ever? I cried all day Tuesday over it. I went berserk. I don't know what to think. How are you ? I am glad my outlook express is back. Will tell you more later. Millie

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> Millie if your out there i hope your OK! I have,nt seen you post for a
> couple days. I know you have'nt felt well hang in there thats what i'm
> doing late4ly i'v been in more pain than usual time to call the DR. from
> what i'm reading about pain managment. Please Millie let us know whats
> UP!!!
> Love Colette

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