Re: I need everyone's advice!!

Thu Mar 8 11:01:29 2001

I am sorry if I caused any confusion with my posting. I will keep my future postings a little simpler to understand for everyone. I truly believe we as consumers must educate ourselves when searching out care. I am surprised that you were that unaware of the out of pocket cost. There are hundred of medical schools in this country and literally thousands of doctors. As with any major life choice, I must urge people to research your decision. My posting is meant to protect us and I truly want to help all of my fellow sufferers. I personally am very upset with the fact there aren't more "specialists" in this area that we know of. But I assure you they are out there. You would think I myself would know of some simply due to my exposure to the medical community, but I too am searching high and low also. There are good and bad in "any" industry and I in no way implied that Dr's R&R are not good physicians. I myself cried and felt hopeless when I heard that I would be unable to have them help me all due to money and insurance. I had put great hope in their reputation and success stories. It just angers me that it always must come down to money. I know the docs and insurance industry are at odds, but it seems we are the ones to suffer because we are in the middle. I am sure it is hard for them to turn some of us away. As I said I have insurance, great insurance in fact, but the "upfront" money sunk me. I never paid my mechanic "upfront" money when he does warranty work and I liken this to the policy of R&R. I never meant to imply that upfront money was uncommon practice, in fact I know it is not, I just feel it is unfair to us, especially if we have insurance. Why do we bother to even have the insurance then? My posting was not defamatory and I stand behind it one hundred percent. I just want to inform. We tend to only hear "certain" things and when we are vulnerable with pain and frustration we tend to jump on the first promising things that has come along in a long time. I am determined to be a great physician. I have tremendous compassion for people and my own experience with this debilitating pain I feel will help me do this. I will always be here to support my fellow sufferers and I am making it my main goal to find us other physicians who specialize in this disorder. I will find them for us, I promise. We are all different and what works for one may not work for another--but why should we go into such debt unnecessarily? Never give up hope and stay strong Regina T.

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