From: Dee (Dee_Galbreath@yahoo.com)
Thu Mar 8 12:40:13 2001

You may not want to read this response but I am writing it anyway in the hope that others will read it too.

I totally respect the fact that you are a 3 year ARD sufferer and a "doctoral candidate" at a prominent medical school. However this does make you an authority on medical insurance nor does it qualify you to pass judgment on other doctors.

My credentials are a little different... I have been suffering with ARD since before you were born and I am speaking from knowledge and experience. The fact that your "best and truly renowned surgeons in the Philadelphia area" have not heard of Drs. Reich, Redan and Gerhart means nothing to me. I was referred to these fine doctors by Neil Finkler, Director of the Gynecologic Oncology Program at the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute at Florida Hospital. Now we are really talking prestigious and renowned!

My initial contact was with Dr. Redan and I too had to speak with Sue about insurance arrangements. I found her to be the complete opposite of what you described. This is not a "bait and switch" routine. The doctors' area of expertise is advanced laprascopic surgery not Business 101. They employ people to take care of the business details of their practice and insurance is part of these details. While we are on the subject of insurance let me explain to you why the doctors do not participate in any insurance plan. Insurance companies have a list of procedure codes and corresponding payments. When a doctor becomes a "provider" they agree to accept whatever fees the insurance company has set for the procedures they perform. For most doctors this works out fine cause they spend the "average" time on each case. For these doctors - who are pioneers in the field of adhesions - this is not even close to being a fair payment! It takes special talent, skill, patience, and TIME to successfully lyse adhesions. Do you really think it is fair to pay a surgeon who spends 4 hours operating the same fee as the surgeon who only takes 1 hour?

My experience in Scranton was nothing less than amazing. These are the most caring doctors I have ever been to - and I have been to alot!!! The lady in the admissions office told me that Community Medical Center is "honored" to have the R& R Adhesion Clinc at their hospital. The nurses in the surgical holding area told me I had the best doctors in the world. They were RIGHT!!! As I told Dr. Redan when he was discharging me from the hospital I feel like he is more my friend than my surgeon. That's the level of care I've received! I have never been better taken care of. Almost 2 weeks later the doctors are still checking up on me to be sure my recovery is progressing. As for guarantees, you are right - there are none. But there are no guarantees for any medical procedure - why do you single this one out?

Now let me tell you what I got for my money.... Although I am still a little sore, I haven't taken a pain pill since surgery. I have broken all previous records for consecutive days with a bowel movement. I stand up straight again! My eyes sparkle. Yesterday I said "screw the elevator" and walked the 5 flights up to my condo. My husband smiles when he looks at me. I'm thinking of buying a new dress to go out dancing in.

And you have the audacity to discourage others from experiencing this. Not to mention the fear you have caused in others that are preparing to go to Scranton. You have a lot of nerve young lady and a lot to learn in life. May I suggest you take a course in Ethics or "Common Sense" as one of your electives.

If you are sincere in your "dedication to serve and work for my future patients as a person, not a monetary number" I suggest that contact these fine doctors again. With an improved attitude on your part, you could learn alot from them and their staff.

For my fellow adhesion sufferers - please do not be swayed. THIS IS NOT A SCAM. These doctors are skilled and compassionate men who are not in it for the money. They saw a need and they are attempting to fill it. Check out their credentials at http://www.adlap.com - you will be impressed!

Please feel free to contact me privately if I can be of any help to you. Dee

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