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Thu Mar 8 12:30:44 2001

Dear Toni, I have been going berserk for a few days. :) My friend deciced it was a good idea to restore my computer, so I have not had my outlook express for a few days, and I have been lost. Tuesday night, I went to the local e.r. They ordered xrays o f the abdomen, and the e.r. Dr. showed them to me, and said there wasn't much stool in there. I went to a new Dr. yesterday. He's a general practitioner. I told him what was going on, and gave him a copy of the surgical report. He is sending me for a pelvic CT scan tomorrow. I will write more later. Hope all is well. I missed all o f you. Millie

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> >Millie,
> >
> >Where are you? Are you okay? I haven't seen any posts from you today. I
> >downloaded the MSN tonight. Sorry it wasn't done sooner. My hubby wanted
to > >wait till we got our new computer and got it set up. You can reach me now
> >when I am online. I am listed under so let me know if
I > >am on when you are. Please email me anyway and tell me how you are.
> >
> >Love,
> >Jenny

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