From: Dee (
Thu Mar 8 18:30:25 2001

I thank you for your best wishes. I have read your subsequent posting and simpler terms were not necessary for me to understand your position. I too am an educated woman. Which is why I find it hard to believe you are acutally comparing surgery at the R&R Adhesion Center with warranty work done by your mechanic. Don't you realize that the cost of warrranty work is built into the price of your car? And you can't get warrranty work done for a Ford at a Lexus dealership.

I agree with you that it is a shame that treatment is not affordable for everyone, but that does not make it a sham. I can understand your anger and disappointment. I almost did not have the surgery due to the cost. I too have great medical insurance yet had to go into debt to pay the upfront fees and transportation costs, but this is not a reason to discourage and upset others. Life is not always fair and we need to do the best we can with our resources.

I sincerely wish you the best in both your health and medical career. I hope you find a surgeon on your medical plan who can resolve your ARD. I will keep you in my prayers. Dee

At Thu, 8 Mar 2001, wrote: >
>I normally would not respond, but I wish to send my best wishes and
>commendation on your personal success. For every couple of emails like yours
>I have received, I have received 8-10 in support of my observations. My
>subsequent posting perhaps will be easier for you to understand my position
>which I stand behind, for it is in simpler terms. I wish you continued

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