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From: jenny low (
Thu Mar 8 19:08:07 2001

Hi Jim,

It's good to know you are still with us. I am sorry that you are having so much pain. I know you will be glad to know that everything is in place as far as insurance goes and then your surgery to be shortly after that. I had 3 weeks to wait until my surgery. It seemed like it took forever at first, but then I had the people on this board to keep my mind busy.

I have read some of the posts about Regina's post. I haven't even read hers yet. I just thought I would add something. No matter how good a doctor is there is always going to be one patient that is not happy with the way things are run in his/her office or the treatment they received from that doctor. I mean look at all of us on this board. If every patient some of these "bad" doctors had thought they were a "bad" doctor then that doctor would have no practice. No one would want to go to them. ANd even with ourselves. Not every person is going to like you no matter what you do. So taking all this into consideration, look at all the people on this board who have had good experiences with the doctors in PA. There is only 1 that I have heard of that had a complaint about them, that is Regina. I haven't had surgery with them but I have talked to Dr. Gerhart several times by email. He is a very nice man. He didn't have to take the time to talk to me since I am not his patient nor am I paying him, but he did. That says alot to me. And reading on here how the other doctors, Dr. Reich and Dr. Redan, have stayed in contact with their patients to make sure they are still doing well is awesome. How many doctors have you ever known that do that? I have never known any. I love my doctor and I think he is an excellent surgeon but sometimes I feel cheated of my time. You wait weeks and months to sometimes get a wham, bam, thank you mam visit. Well not exactly Wham, Bam! LOL but you know what I mean. They are in and out. You can always tell when they are behind schedule or rushed. Plus I have talked to several from this board who have had those PA doctors go to bat for them to get pain meds or whatever they needed to get by with until their surgery with them. I think if you talk to them yourself you will have more peace. I trust them though and I don't even know them. So think about all that. Just weigh all the pros and cons you have with them. I'll bet the pros far out weigh the cons. Do what you have to to get some peace of mind and relief from your pain.

Our spouses really have to endure alot don't they? My husband has been so wonderful and doesn't ever complain about me feeling bad. I have 7 kids. He has been running them to music, running them to church, grocery shopping, cooking (most of the time), and whatever else is needed to be done. He has totally been remodeling our house with new kitchen cabinets, sink, counter tops and tiling the house. He has been wonderful. I think I am the one who is frustrated because I can't help him. You know we do what we can to take care of the need. Two days ago I told him how bad I felt that I can't do more. I said,"you know this is supposed to be a 50/50 marriage". And he told me, "No. 50/50 marriages don't work. This is a 100/100 marriage." And that is true. We are not always able to do our part of the 100%. That is when the other makes up for what we can't do. And there will be times when that person can't do their 100% and we can take up the slack for them. We're in this for life! That's what we vowed. I take that very seriously. And thankfully, My Precious does the same. So Jim don't feel bad. There will be times when your wife might be down due to illness or whatever(I pray not!) and you will be the one to keep things going around the house. So just tell her you love her and how important she is to you. Sometimes that is just enough to keep me going. If nothing else, it will make her smile.

I hope your pain eases up. I hope this email has been of some help or comfort to you. If it has, then it has served its purpose. Let us know how you are doing from time to time. WHen I don't see someone's name for a time, then I worry about them and want to make sure they are ok. SO let us know every once in a while. Even if it's an "I'm still here".

Sending big hugs your way, Jenny

PS -- I used to live in Berwyn many years ago. Do you know where that is?

>From: (Jim)
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>Subject: Re: Jim
>Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 11:05:48 -0600
>At Wed, 07 Mar 2001, jenny low wrote:
> >
>Sorry to have been out of contact for awhile.
>I have begun my battle with my insurance company for coverage of my
>scheduled surgery. I have had a great surgeon at Johns Hopkins who has
>really gone to bat for me in trying to get my health plan to approve the
>procedure. I should know their answer by the end of the week.
>The last few days have been really bad. I think it might have to do
>with the crazy weather we have been having here in the Philadelphia
>area. The pain got so crippling at times that all I could do was just
>go to bed and lay still. Really really hurts and the localized areas of
>pain have gotten to the point that they feel like a red hot knife are
>being stuck into me. Mu wife has been a trooper as when it gets this
>bad I cannot help around the house (and we have a one year old and a
>three year old!). I can tell she is getting fustrated with the
>situation as well and I can't blame her one bit.
>My wife and I are driving up to Scranton to meet Dr. Redan on Monday
>March 12. We are still shooting for the procedure date of April 16. Dr.
>Redan is away for a few days, but I sent him an email getting him
>updated on where I satnd in the insurance process, as well as telling
>him that this is getting worse by the day.
>I just hope I can hold out until April. Keep your fingers crossed.
> >Hi everyone,
> >
> >I was just wondering if anyone had heard from Jim. Does anyone know if he
> >has had his surgery or will be haing it soon? I wonder about the people I
> >don't see posts from in a while and just want to make sure they are okay.
> >
> >Jim, if you are out there, let us know you are alive and kicking and
> >You have obviously been in my thoughts.
> >
> >Love,
> >Jenny

> >
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