From: Jean (
Thu Mar 8 20:32:27 2001

I forget who had a question about this?! I also have a Rectocele. I was diagnosed in 1986 at which time it was "moderate". I have no idea what it is like now. I also had a Cystocele and Uterine Prolapse which were operated on many years before that.

RECTOCELE - An abnormal protrusion of the wall of the rectum into the bladder. This condition can result in stress incontinence and difficulty in passing stool from the rectum.

When the rectum bulges into or out of the vagina, it is called a rectocele. It is caused by a weakness of the back wall of the vagina. A large rectocele may make it very hard to have a bowel movement, especially if you have constipation. Some women have to push the bulge back into the vagina in order to complete a bowel movement.

There is a diagram here. JEAN

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