Re: Jim PLUS- Your opinions do count!!

Fri Mar 9 10:12:17 2001

Very well said Kate. Mutual support among all of us IS the most important thing. I am sorry to hear that you are having a rough time of it. I too have found comfort in cereal. It is filling and nutritious, but all the fiber as you know will have nasty and painful consequences. At times I have found that cereal dry (yuk, I know) like granola or even multigrain chex is slightly easier to tolerate. I sometimes just munch it while I am studying or watching television, in smallish servings. I don't know if it is the milk/cereal combination that is too much for our system to break down and digest all at once, but I find it a little easier to take. Unfortunately, it is all trial and error for us and what works one day won't work another. Hang in there and good luck. Regina T.

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