Just Diagnosed

From: D.Lynn (dlynn347@cs.com)
Fri Mar 9 10:16:52 2001

I have just found this website, what a help. I have posted my story on the quilt and have just begun to read the messageboard archive. I'm upset that I didn't know of the existence of adhesions until it got this bad. I wish my doctors had told me after my previous hysterectomy, ooomphorectomy,and gallbladder surgeries that this could happen. I would have gotten help sooner. I had a cat scan with contrast last tuesday, am scheduled to have a UGI with small bowel follow through on Mon 3-12-01. The doc says it will help him pinpoint where the adhesions are. Right now I cannot eat much, my stomach is hampered by some adhesion and my lower right abdomen into my leg crease. I have trouble walking(doc says it's probably in the ab wall muscle). I hope to have surgery soon to release these. After reading many of the quilt stories, I don't feel very optimistic, but even a short cure would be better than what I have now. I hope to read more of the archives and discover more about coping with this disease. Any words of encouragement or surgical tips would be appreciated. Thanks for being here.

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