Re: PLEASE HELP...if you are experiencing a similar situation...

From: Millie (
Fri Mar 9 19:04:26 2001

Hi, Janet, I was reading your post, and have some questions for you. A week or so ago, I had some stools not much bigger than my finger. Then most times I have little tiny pieces. Other times, I have some loose stool. Did you have either the barium enema, or the barium swallow done? If so, did they show anything? I am so hungry. Monday, I'm going to a local gastroenterologist. His receptionist said the other hospital and the ob/gyn's office are probably stalling on sending me the medical records. She said when I come in Monday, I can fill out their med. rec. request form, and they'll get the records for me. She said I shouldn't have to pay for them, anyhow. Janet, how do they treat your partial obstructions? Take care, and keep in touch. Love, Millie

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> Dear Helen,
> My GI told me the same thing after my colon resection(with 18" removed),
as > far as stretching the colon goes...I think these doctors often assume that
> it is that simple because they don't understand that the etiology of
> adhesions...that even though surgery was performed on the large intestine,
> adhesions can form around the small intestines causing partial bowel
> obstructions.
> Adhesions act as a noose in my small intestines, making it difficult for
> food and gas to pass through. My experience and symptoms are the same as
> this person describes. I also have trouble with my bladder, often even
when > it is full, I cannot go. Her colonoscopy will likely report normal
findings, > as mine did, as the scope does not reach the small intestine.
> Meal replacement drinks are essential to me, and a more liquid mushy diet
> helps. Also your posting with the info on the low-residue diet should be
> helpful to her.
> Love,
> Janet

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> Subject: PLEASE HELP...if you are experiencing a similar situation...
> > Today I received the following letter. If you are experiencing a
similar > > situation, do you have any suggestions that might help her?
> >
> > ~ ~ ~ ~
> >
> > "I had several attacks of diverticulitis and was hospitalized. I was
told > I
> > needed surgery or I could end up in the emergency room with peritonitis,
> > which could be life-threatening. I had surgery in June, 2000 and had 12
> > inches of colon removed. After a hospital stay of 6 days, I went home.
> >
> > "I started having problems with pain and elimination right away. The
> > surgeon told me to use stool softeners. They do not help me. I know I
> have
> > a partial obstruction from scarring; my stools are pencil thin.
> >
> > "The surgeon told me he can go back in and sew the intestines back
> together
> > leaving a larger opening to allow for any subsequent scarring.
> > This scares me. What if I end up in worse shape?
> >
> > "The GI doctor told my husband he could do a colonoscopy on me and use a
> > device on the scope which would "stretch" my colon in the restricted
area. > > This also scares me. Have you ever heard of stretching the colon?
> >
> > "Meanwhile, I work full time and suffer with pain, trying to get my
bowels > > to function so I can keep going. Any thoughts you may have would be
> > appreciated."
> >

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