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Fri Mar 9 19:04:33 2001

Richard, I couldn't have worded that better, myself!! Keep up the good work. Millie

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> IBS is BS for doctors who don't know the real reason.
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> I know how you feel talking to the doctors since I am usually
> intimidated by doctors also and clamp-up.
> Finally after 17 surgeries I did speak up and it felt good. I told the
> doctor "don't even tell me adhesions don't hurt cause if they stretch,
> pull and trap your organs and intestines they definitely do cause pain!"
> When he said they wouldn't be causing my back and leg pain etc. I also
> said "don't tell me that, I had them enough times before and had the
> same symptoms which went away after surgery for "adhesions"!! He did get
> much nicer and re-phrased things after that. Hopefully I can keep it
> up.
> In the past I have had to search by going from doctor to doctor for
> about 6 months until I found help, but in the end I always did find
> someone to help me.
> There are doctors mentioned on posts throughout this board who may be
> able to help you, or even if you search farther in your immediate area.
> Good luck to you and with getting help, whatever and wherever that may
> be!
> JEAN (from PA)
> At Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Michael Murray wrote:
> >
> I keep having Drs.
> >tell me that I have IBS but I KNOW my body and I know that they are
> >back.(They cause IBS symptoms because the intestines are hooked onto
> >pelvic wall) It is probably a little my fault because when I walk in to
> >a Drs. office I get nervous and don't speak my mind. I always rehearse
> >everything I am going to say and when the Dr. walks in I get nervous and
> >can't tell them how things are.
> --
> Jean (from PA)

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