Re: Wonderful news from Dr. Redan & Dr. Gerhart's office!!!

From: Jean (
Fri Mar 9 20:21:12 2001

Karen, Is United Healthcare from BC/BS or is that Aetna US Healthcare? Is Aetna US Healthcare & United Healthcare the same thing? They aren't participating with Aetna & other HMO's just the one's from BC/BS. If it is BC/BS they should refund your money, if it isn't you still owe the pre-payment. They have to be participating (meaning in-network).

If they deal with some insurances that aren't in-network the insurance may pay a portion but you are still responsible for any balance. That is how it was for me before, but now she said they are in-network with all BC/BS plans (which I have)and when they are in-network they are required to accept what the insurance pays them. JEAN (from PA)

At Fri, 9 Mar 2001, wrote: >
>Jean and All;
>I also spoke to Sue today in regards to my pre-certification from United
>Healthcare...which I did NOT need afterall. But I still had to make my
>pre-payment in advance. I would be nice if she had said, we are sending you
>back your money, LOL !!!
>Karen Carter

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